Thursday, February 21, 2008

iPhone TIPS: awarded as coolest iPhone TIP of 2007

We at iphone tips and tricks (IT&T) have awarded the site as the most coolest iPhone TIP for 2007. Of course we don't handout a real award because we cannot award one yet to give away. On this site, iPhone owners can play hidden MP3's all over the world from a iPhone. How? Just start Safari and open Seeqpod's site will detect that you are using an iPhone and will show an customized iPhone interface. Type a searchstring at the "google" like interface, hit the search button and there it is. While there is nothing iPhone-specific about SeeqPod, it is notable as the first web-based application for the iPhone that allows users to download and play MP3 files without first downloading the files to their computer and transferring the songs via iTunes.
Thank you seeqpod!

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