Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nokia 7610 Supernova with TV output

The supernova is one of popular fashion mobile phone series. Nokia 7610 is the newest member and its completely different form Nokia 7610.
This stunning slide opening handset is a member of the fashionable Nokia Supernova range. The Nokia 7610 Supernova is a fashionable looking mobile phone which comes with Xpress On™ cover which allows the user to mix & match their covers to make a stunning colourful handset. The phone is available in white, lilac, red, blue & a grey colour. The 7610 Supernova comes with a themed coloured illumination feature which allows the user to change the colour of their laminated navigation key & theme of their wallpaper to suit & match their chosen coloured casing.
The media player is very important because it has a TV output. You can watch videos through your TV while playing the phone. And the music player has best quality output and you can control it easily with front media keys.
Nokia 7610 has good quality camera which has 3.2Mp resolution. You can improve picture quality with its dual LED flash.

more pictures

More features of Nokia 7610 Supernova

2 Inch 16.7 Million Colour QVGA Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
Theme Colour Illumination (Navigation Key & Wallpaper)
Music Player with 2 Way Music Key
Size 98 x 48 x 15 mm
3.2 Megapixel Camera with Zoom & Dual LED Flash
Video Playback via TV Out Cable
XHTML Browser
Bluetooth® Technology Read More!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Samsung i780 business phone with windows mobile OS

The Samsung i- series is very popular because those phones have very different features than other Samsung phones. All of them runs with windows mobile OS or symbian OS. And they are business phones. Samsung i780 is another great business phone which has many specifications.
The Samsung i780 is 3G Smartphone which comes with easy to use business features & high performance technology. The handset is coloured black which suits this business focused 3G Smartphone. It is a good sized handset when considering all the built in technologies & features as it measures 115.9mm high by 61.3mm wide by 13.3mm deep. This desirable Smartphone comes with a large touchscreen which measures 2.6 Inches in size & provides up to sixty five thousand colours on a TFT type screen. The touchscreen has a high screen resolution of three hundred & twenty pixels by three hundred & twenty pixels.
i780 looks likes a blackberry phone. It has a QWERTY keypad. You can easily type your text messages and emails with it. It runs with MS Windows Mobile 6 Operating System. And mobile version of windows media player has included.
Samsung i780 is a 3G phone which has HSDPA technology. The HSDPA technology supports better internet connectivity to this phone. Also you can connect to internet with Wi-Fi technology.
The Samsung i780 has A-GPS navigating system. You can handle it easily because it has many user friendly features. Also the Google maps application included.

A-GPS navigator

Internet browser

QWERTY key pad

Read More!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Sony Ericsson F305 mobile phone for gamers

We have seen special kind of phones to specific category like music phones, fashion phones etc. but this is bit different because Sony Ericsson F305 is for gamers. They have supply many functions for better mobile game experience. Most important one is the gaming motion sensor. It sense gamer’s motion and supply best gaming experience. And the dedicated gaming keys have designed for best gaming experience. It is very easy to play games with these keys.
The F305 is a member of the Sony Ericsson F range which is a gaming focused mobile phone. The handset is a slide opening phone which comes with easy to use external keys as well as an internal keypad. The Sony Ericsson F305 comes in two colour options which include a polar white & a mystic black coloured casing which both have an elegant high gloss finish. The casing has smooth metal edges which add style to this stunning gaming handset.
Not only games, you can even play your favorite music with high quality. The media player has high quality walkman technology and gives you a quality sound output.
The standby time is very important for a game phone. According to that F305 has 700h standby time. The camera is 2Mp which allows you to take quality pictures. also a FM radio included.

more pics

More features of Sony Ericsson F305

Gaming Motion Sensor
Dedicated Gaming Keys
Style Up™ Covers
2 Inch 262k TFT Colour Screen (176 x 220 Pixels)
2 Megapixel Camera with 2.5 x Digital Zoom
FM Radio RDS
Bluetooth® Technology
700 Hours Standby Read More!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sony Ericsson K660i stylish fashion phone with 3G

Unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson hasn’t launched many fashion phones. And they usually don’t publish phones with fashion label. But now they have launched K660i fashion mobile with cool features.
The Sony Ericsson K660i is modern & stylish looking 3G mobile phone which comes in a choice of two colour designs. The user can choose between a clean white coloured handset with lime coloured accents & a stunning black coloured handset with wine coloured accents. Both colour options come with metal details on the edging, which enhance the handsets design further. The user can view all their information & pictures on a 262k colour screen which is 2 Inches in size & is a TFT screen.
Sony Ericsson K660i is a 3G phone which works with HSDPA technology. And its web browser is very special because it allows landscape mode web browsing. I haven’t seen this feature in any other Sony Ericsson phones. The web browser supports HTML and RSS.
The built in instant messenger software is another thing. You can connect yahoo, gTalk, msn and many other IM services in one time with one window. K660i has a walkman music player which has good music quality. You can customaries the music quality with its built in equalizer. The camera is 2Mp but you can get clear pictures and record unlimited length videos. The internal memory of this phone is 30Mb but it supports up to 2GB SD memory cards.

Landscape web browser

2 Megapixel camera

full handset

More features of Sony Ericsson K660i

Landscape Mode Internet Browsing
Instant Messaging
3G HSDPA Technology
FM Radio RDS
TrackID™ Music Recognition Feature
2 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sony Ericsson G502 with A-GPS

Sony Ericsson G502 is a up coming phone with many attractive features. G502 is a very special phone because it has A-GPS and 3G HSDPA technology.
The Sony Ericsson G502 is a communication, email & internet focused 3G mobile phone. This phone has a solid bar design casing which is available in two stunning colours which include a stylish champagne black coloured casing or a sophisticated brilliant hazel coloured casing. The overall size of the casing makes it easy for the user to carry & handle this compact mobile phone.
The A-GPS navigator is bit different than other Sony Ericsson phones. It is very easy to use and store directions.
G502 allows you a great internet experience with its new RSS enabled HTML web browser. You can get high-speed internet connectivity with 3G HSDPA technology.
The media player is also very attractive. They have matched its graphics with the phone’s design. It allows you to play many file types like .wmv . And play videos with full screen landscape mode. The camera is 2Mp and a built in photo editing application included.

More features of Sony Ericsson G502

Email with Exchange ActiveSync®
Size 109 x 46 x 13.5 mm
2 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom
3G HSDPA Technology
Media Player
Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP) Read More!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nokia 6600 Slide fashion 3G phone

If you have read my recent posts, you may find Nokia 6600 fold. It’s a flap mobile with 3G technology. But Nokia 6600 slide is quite different, because it’s a slide mobile phone.
The Nokia 6600 Slide is an attractive 3G mobile phone which comes with a simply stunning slide opening system which allows the user to view the display screen when the phone is either slide open or slide closed. The 6600 Slide is from the same family as the Nokia 6600 Fold but the phones have very different looks & style due to the differing opening systems.
As mentioned earlier, 6600 slide is a 3G phone which has UTMS technology. But the HSDPA is not available. 6600 slide has a very useful built in instant messaging software. I have never seen this feature in other Nokia phone. You can instantly connect yahoo MSN and other IM services.
6600 slide has a 2.2 display which supports 320 x 240 Pixels resolution. The media player is perfect because it has good music quality. Also the 3.2Mp auto focus camera allows you to capture clear pictures. And digital zoom and double LED flash included.

More features of Nokia 6600 Slide

Music Player (MP3, MP4, AAC, eAAC+ & WMA)
Instant Messaging (AOL, ICQ, Yahoo & MSN)
3G Technology
Tap Commands
Size 90 x 45 x 14 mm
2.2 Inch QVGA 16 Million Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
3.2 Megapixel Camera with Digital Zoom & Double LED Flash Read More!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Samsung L170 3G fashion handset

The Samsung L170 is a phone that wants to be noticed as it comes in a very striking designed casing which is extremely different looking. This attractive phone is a 3G capable handset which is very light to hold & is a sleek but striking designed handset. The handset comes in a metallic silver coloured casing which looks incredibly stylish. The Samsung L170 has a 1.6 Inch screen which displays up to 262k colours on a TFT screen complete with a screen resolution of one hundred & seventy six pixels by two hundred & twenty pixels. A large navigation pad is prominent on first impressions of this handset which provides the user with smooth & easy to control navigation through menus.
L170 has 2MP digital camera with digital zoom. It is enough for capture quality pictures and record videos. As its attractive design, the display is 1.6 inch but it is enough for enjoy every features. Samsung L170 is a 3G phone but HSPDA technology is not available. But it allows better internet connectivity with UTMS technology.
Like many Samsung phones, L170 has best media player. You can enjoy a high level music quality and control it with equalizer. Also a FM radio with RDS included.


More features of Samsung L170

3G Technology
Size 102.3 x 45.8 x 10.7 mm
Music Player (MP3, AAC & WMA)
FM Radio with RDS
Bluetooth® with A2DP Technology
2 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus
1.6 Inch TFT 262k Colour Screen (176 x 220 Pixels) Read More!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sony Ericsson G900i business smart phone with symbian OS and 5MP camera

The Sony Ericsson G900i is a famous business phone. It is world famous because it has many special features. It has a 2.4 inch wide touch display which supports 240 x 320 Pixels resolution.
The G900i is a slim & stylish 3G Smartphone which is a member of the Sony Ericsson G range. The Sony Ericsson G range includes other 3G Smartphone including the Sony Ericsson G700i. The G900i is a solid candy bar designed handset which is available in a choice of two coloured casing which is a dark red coloured casing which looks quite elegant or a dark brown coloured casing which looks rather contemporary. The handset feels solid without feeling heavy to hold as it weighs ninety nine grams. Its dimensions are slim & compact when considering this Smartphone's built in features. The handset is only 13mm deep by 49mm wide by 106mm tall.
As a god business phone G900i has 5MP digital camera with auto focus. It allows 3X digital zoom and flash light included. You can edit your photos with built in photo editing software. Also you can do simple edits for video clips.
Sony Ericsson G900i’s OS is very important because it has a symbian OS. You cant find any other symbian OS phone in G range.
G900i is a 3G phone but HSDPA is not available. But they have improved its internet speed with wi-fi technology. Also the web browser is very important for a business phone. According to that G900i has built in Opera mini web browser.
Its media player is also very attractive. It allows you to play many media file types and it can display album arts.

symbian OS

capturing with 5MP

More features of Sony Ericsson G900i

2.4 Inch 262k TFT Touch Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus & 3 x Digital Zoom
Media Player with Album Art
Opera™ Web Browser
Symbian™ OS
3G Technology
WLAN Wi-Fi Technology Read More!

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Samsung i900 Omnia with windows mobile 6.1 OS

Samsung i900 is the most popular phone in i series. All I series phones runs with symbian or windows mobile OS. Samsung i900 has the latest windows mobile OS.
The stunning Samsung i900 Omnia is a touch screen 3G Smartphone which oozes sophistication & style. The handset provides its user with high quality imaging, communication & business features for the user on the move complete with a stunning casing which will draw much attention. The Samsung i900 Omnia comes in metallic silver & black coloured casing complete with smooth curvaceous edges. The 3G Smartphone has a large colour screen which fills the front of the handset & is a touch screen for ease of use.
One reason of its popularity is i900 is very similar to apple i-phone. It has 3.2 inch attractive large touch screen. Like new 3G apple i-phone, i900 is a 3G phone which has HSDPA technology and wi-fi. Its new mobile internet explorer web browser allows you a supper internet experience.
I900 has a best quality media player which supports many file types. It is amazing when playing videos in landscape mode. Also it supports many file formats.
Unlike apple i-phone Samsung i900 powered with 5Mp auto focus camera with flash. You can record best quality videos and capture quality pictures. Also it’s built in application allows you to edit photos and videos.

live pics

More features of Samsung i900 Omnia

MS Windows Mobile 6.1 OS
3G HSDPA Technolgy
WLAN WIFI Technology
3.2 Inch TFT 65k Touch Screen (240 x 400 Pixels)
Touch Screen QWERTY Keyboard
5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus & Flash
Music Player (MP3,WMA, OGG, AMR, AAC & AAC+) Read More!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Sony Ericsson C902i, new 5Mp handset

If you have read my recent posts, you may find sony ericsson C702i. C902i is very similar to C702i. But C902i has a 5Mp Digital camera. But GPS not available.
The C902i is a 3G phone which comes with image & media focused features that will keep the user entertained for hours. The handset is a candy bar shaped casing with no fancy opening systems which gives the handset a solid feel. The weight of the handset is 107 grams which is a good weight for a handset of its size & capabilities. The casing is slender & slim which is only 11mm in depth which is ideal for carrying purposes.
Its 2 inch display is enough for good video experience. Also this display has touch sensitive camera keys. The 5Mp camera supports 16X digital zoom. There are no limits for video clip length and you can record them with DVD quality. it has a photo editing application also.
C902i is not a walkman phone but it has a walkman media player. It has good music quality and you can control it with the equalizer. Also a bass booster included. The media player supports many file types like .wmv and .avi .
C902i is a 3G phone which supports HSDPA technology. HSDPA allows you to high-speed internet access. Its web browser supports RSS, HTML and CSS styles. Its standby and talk times are quite enough. C902i has 64Mb internal memory and it supports up to 4GB external memory cards.

5Mp digital camera with front touch controls


More features of Sony Ericsson C902i

3G HSDPA Technology
EDGE Technology
2 Inch 262k TFT QVGA Colour Screen with Touch Sensitive Camera Keys
5 Megapixel Cyber-Shot™ Camera with 16 x Digital Zoom
Accelerometer Auto Rotate
Video Record with Video Light
FM Radio RDS Read More!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nokia 7310 Supernova fashion concept

Nokia has launched many fashion concept phone series. Nokia prism is a most famous one. They have launched another fashion series named supernova. Nokia 7310 is a cheap phone but it has all useful features.
The Nokia 7310 Supernova is a fashionable mobile phone which comes in a wide selection of colours which include blue, green, silver, pink, plum, electric blue & yellow. The 7310 Supernova supports Xpress On™ covers which allow the user to change the look of their handset quickly & easily. The handset is a candy bar design mobile phone which weighs 83 grams which is lightweight for carrying, holding & operating. The phone is 11.95mm in depth, 45.4mm in width & 106.5mm in length which fits neatly in the users hand when in use. The screen is two Inches in size & has a high quality display which displays up to sixteen million colours.
7310 has A2DP Bluetooth technology and a FM radio with RDS. You can capture quality pictures with 2Mp auto focus digital camera. The audio quality of this phone is quite good and the media player supports many file types.
Nokia 7310 has 32Mb internal memory and it supports up to 4GB SD memory cards.



More features of Nokia 7310 Supernova

Changeable Xpress On™ Cover
Bluetooth® A2DP Technology
2 Inch 16 Million Colour QVGA Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
2 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom
FM Radio RDS
32 Mbytes Memory plus MicroSD™ Memory Card Support up to 4 Gbytes
Video Streaming (3GP & MP4) Read More!

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