Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sony Ericsson G502 with A-GPS

Sony Ericsson G502 is a up coming phone with many attractive features. G502 is a very special phone because it has A-GPS and 3G HSDPA technology.
The Sony Ericsson G502 is a communication, email & internet focused 3G mobile phone. This phone has a solid bar design casing which is available in two stunning colours which include a stylish champagne black coloured casing or a sophisticated brilliant hazel coloured casing. The overall size of the casing makes it easy for the user to carry & handle this compact mobile phone.
The A-GPS navigator is bit different than other Sony Ericsson phones. It is very easy to use and store directions.
G502 allows you a great internet experience with its new RSS enabled HTML web browser. You can get high-speed internet connectivity with 3G HSDPA technology.
The media player is also very attractive. They have matched its graphics with the phone’s design. It allows you to play many file types like .wmv . And play videos with full screen landscape mode. The camera is 2Mp and a built in photo editing application included.

More features of Sony Ericsson G502

Email with Exchange ActiveSync®
Size 109 x 46 x 13.5 mm
2 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom
3G HSDPA Technology
Media Player
Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP)

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Albert said...

the g502 does not have aGPS.

Ahmad Fadhil said...

Yes. G502 Have A-GPS. I try it. and until now i felt very helped with this map ease existence. I'm from Makassar, South of Sulawesi-Indonesia.

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