Wednesday, April 30, 2008

LG KF600 Venus touch screen fashion phone

We have heard about nokia fashion phones. they have made lot of designs like prism phones. Now LG has joined this competition and they launched their fashion concept.
The stunning LG KF600 is a fashion conscious mobile phone which comes with two screens, one of which is a touch sensitive navigation screen. The LG KF600 is also known as the LG Venus or the LG KF600 Venus. This sophisticated handset is a slide opening mobile phone which comes with a slide out keypad. The amazing two screen design is quite unique & provides the user with an easy input method on the lower touch screen. The main display screen is a colorful TFT screen which is 2 Inches in size & comes with a 240 pixel by 320 pixel screen resolution for a clear viewing experience.

More features of KF600 fashion

InteractPad™ Touch Controls
Main & Lower LCD Screens
Theme Displays with Keith Haring Artwork
Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Bluetooth® Technology
3 Megapixel Camera with 4 x Digital Zoom & Auto Focus
Music Player with InteractPad™ Music Controls Read More!

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Blackberry 8800 smart phone

The BlackBerry 8800 is a stylish Smartphone which comes with all the relevant Smartphone features a business user could desire. The Smartphone features include a capable phone, built in organiser, web browsing, instant messaging & a mobile email service. The 8800 handset comes with a black & metal effect silver finish which measures 114mm in height, 66mm in width & 14mm in depth.8800 has it’s own GPS software named blackberry maps. but you cant see a camera in this phone. The BlackBerry 8800 weighs 134 grams including the fitted battery & feels solid to hold & operate in the user's hand.

Blackberry 8800 specifications

Full QWERTY Keyboard with Backlight
Light Sensing 65k Colour Screen
GPS Services with BlackBerry Maps™
EDGE Technology
Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900) Read More!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Asus P750 latest smart phone

Most of the people in the world have heared about asus computers, but most of them don’t know about their mobile technology. Asus has lunched many types of mobile phones. This is their latest production. It has 240x320-pixel resolution touch screen. Instead of direction keys, it has a small joystick.
The P750 is powered by a 520MHz processor and runs Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. It's a tri-band GSM handset with GPRS/EDGE and 3G/HSDPA connectivity supporting download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps with suitable network coverage.
The device has 256MB of flash ROM and 64MB of SDRAM. After a hard reset, our review sample reported 147MB of free storage memory. This can be augmented with microSD cards. The P750 supports SDHC, which means it can handle high-capacity (>2GB) cards.

More futures of Asus P750

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
SiRFStar III GPS receiver
3G/HSDPA connectivity
256MB internal memory
Supports up to 2GB cards Read More!

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LG Voyager Touch screen mobile phone Challenges i-Phone

In this period, as other mobile phone manufacturers LG has launched many types of touch screen mobile phone. LG Voyager is their latest product. Some peoples says LG Voyager is i-phone killer because it can challenge to iphone.Actually it looks like almost i-phone and it has more than i-phone features
LG Voyager offers a generous features set that includes EV-DO support, V Cast Mobile TV Bluetooth, a top-notch Web browser, and an integrated GPS application. And if that's not enough, its call quality was excellent.
In addition it has a GPS navigator and 128Mb internal memory. it also supports up to 8Gb memory cards. you can capture your favorites with 2Mp camera and get video calls with VGA camera.
it has two displays and you can open it as a notebook.In the middle it has a QWERTY key board Read More!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

HTC shift is NOT a Laptop BUT Runs Windows Vista

At the start we have to clear some thing. Is this a Mobile phone or note book computer?It may be a Mobile phone because you can insert SIM and get calls.But it is bit lager than a mobile phone.but the SIM card slotting into this baby is mainly for your internet connection.
This is not full blown version of windows mobile OS It has more functions of Windows vista.It has a slide-and-tilt 7-inch wide aspect ratio touchscreen that slides to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. As you would expect from HTC, broadband wireless is integrated -- including 3.5G, HSDPA, and quad-band GSM. Other wireless connectivity includes WiFi and Bluetooth.
A built-in fingerprint sensor is added for security and the integrated camera is an asset for video Skype on the move. The HTC Shift also features SnapVUE, an always-on mode that provides instant access to critical information -- including e-mail previews, local weather, calendar, and SMS -- even if the device is not switched on. Push e-mail gives you instant alerts whenever you have new Outlook e-mails.

More features of HTC Shift

- 1 GB RAM, 128 MB ROM
- 40/80 GB HDD drive
- Intel Stealey 800MHz process
- 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
- Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
- Microsoft Vista Business and Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
- VGA, 640x480 pixels videocall camera
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Voice memo
- Windows media player 11
- Video/audio album
- File manager
- Built-in handsfree
- Fingerprint recognition Read More!

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Nokia 7200 fashion mobile phone design

Actually this is not a nokia's familiar design, but it has some difference.this is a normal flap design phone.this phone comes with style pack ,you can change it's has 128 x 128 pixels display and 4 Mb shared memory.
You can capture and video your favorite things with 640x480 pixels VGA it's prise it's very valuable phone because it has very special features. it has a great media player which supports MPEG4 files.

more features of Nokia 7200

- Java
- Stereo FM radio
- MPEG-4 video player
- SyncML
- T9
- Calculator
- Calendar
- Presence enhanced contacts
- Integrated handsfree
- Xpress-on textile covers Read More!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nokia E65 latest mobile phone

most of nokia e seres phones are like PDA phones.they has QWERTY key board and much more.but now they launched a useful mobile phone for E seres.this is the only one phone which has traditional look in E seres. It is a slider handset, and alongside the capable S60 operating system, it sports a couple of speciality turns for business users.
The E65 comes with PC connectivity software and a USB cable, and battery life checked in at around 10 hours of non-stop MP3 music with the screen forced to stay on. It doesn't last as long when the Wi-Fi is active, though.
it is small but it has a 222MHz processor and 128MB RAM.the internal memory of this phone is 50MB but it supports up to 2GB has a 2MP camera and vga camera for video calls.Nokia E95 powered with complete media player which allows many file types. Read More!

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sony ericsson p990 smart phone is now available

The P990 is thw latest smart hone which sony ericsson lunched. it gas a unusual type QWERTY flap keyboard.As with the P910a, the P990i is a serious smart phone that will please tech-minded consumers and professionals. One of the major additions to the P990i is its inclusion of Wi-Fi support, a feature that even some of the more popular smart phones don't have.
it has a 2Mp camera and vga camera for video calls.and also it has a 240 x 320 pixels, 41 x 56 mm TFT touchscreen.another feture of this phone is handwriting has 128Mb internal memory and 64mb RAM.The OS of this phone is Symbian OS v9.1.

more features of sony ericsson p990

- Java MIDP 2.0
- FM radio with RDS
- MP3/AAC player
- T9
- SyncML 1.2
- Office applications
- Photo album
- Built-in handsfree Read More!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The LG VX9400 TV phone

The latest trend of mobile phone users is Mobile TV. this is the latest phone which allows mobile tv. New The LG VX9400 has a swiveling wide has a 2.2 inches display.The LG VX9400 is equipped to provide a great TV experience. Its 262,000-color display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels gives a crisp and stunning image, clear enough to view TV. You can swivel the display to landscape mode or rest the LG VX9400 sideways on a table. But, even though the speaker's volume is strong enough for normal urban environments, don't count on it in extra noisy places like under a hair salon dryer, in a store or near a construction site. It doesn't have that much power and you will need the (provided) wired headset.
you can capture your favorites with it's 1.3Mp camera.and it has a great music player.the internal memory of this phone is 128Mb but it supports up to 2GB memory cards.

more features of The LG VX9400 TV phone

•V CAST Mobile TV
•Slim & Stylish Swing Bar Design
•Bluetooth® Capable
•1.3 Megapixel Camera with Flash
•V CAST Music & Video
•microSDTM Memory Port Read More!

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nokia 7373 fashion phone

Most of the womens in the world like fashions.they use beautiful hand bags and many things.they expect a fashion in everything which they used, even mobile phone. Nokia designed a design to fulfill this need. this is the nokia 7373 fashion phone. It is cute and attractive. it has a small slider design.
The Nokia 7373 is a member of the popular L'Amour Collection which brings a distinctive & glamorous design to each mobile handset.
The built in features make this a fun mobile phone including a 2 megapixel camera, music player & a FM radio. Enjoy life with the 7373 as your companion.

More features of nokia 7373

262k QVGA Colour Screen (320 x 240 Pixels)
2 Megapixel Camera with 8 x Digital Zoom
Bluetooth® Technology
Digital Music Player (MP3, AAC, M4A, eAAC+ & AAC+)
EDGE Technology
FM Radio Read More!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

watch television with sony ericsson W44s

As other W seres phones , you can hear great music with this. but not only,you can watch even television. you can rotate it's 3 inch display to two sides.CDMA EV-DO handset includes the Bravia RealityMax technology. One can also swivel the screen and in horizontal mode, the display has a resolution of 240 x 432.It has a 3.17 CMOS camera with auto-focus and also includes 115 MB built in memory with a Memory Stick Pro Duo slot.

more features of sony ericsson W44s

* one-seg digital TV broadcast reception
* digital radio reception
* felica electronic money
* 3" (240×432 16:9) wide screen with Bravia RealityMAXtechnology
* 3.2MP CMOS camera with AutoFocus
* dual 16mm diameter stereo speakers for 128voices polyphonic ringtone
* MS Pro Duo slot built in 115Mb flash Read More!

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samsung SGH-X 830 3D sound mosic phone

this is a some kind of unusual phone. if you look at in front of it ,when it's keypad is closed,you will think it is a ipod. but oit is a mobile phone. it's very trendy and stylish phone. you can choose many colors. samsung X830 is a music phone. you can get great music experience with it. this phone is very small but it has 1GB internal memory an supports up to 2GB memory can capture and video with it's 1.3 MP camera.

more features of samsung SGH-X 830

- Video player
- Flight mode
- Organizer
- Calculator
- Unit converter
- Timer
- Voice memo
- internet browser
- three bands
- 3D sound speakers Read More!

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Nokia N98 challenging apple i-phone

Ha HA this is a photocopy of apple iphone no? but this is a another upcoming nokia phone. it looks like apple iphone but it has some differences. Nokia N98 has a 7.2 megapixel camera which has 20X digital zoom and 5X optical zoom.internal memory of this phone is 160Mb but it supports up to 4Gb memory can record 30fps speed for MPEG, AVI, 3GP file n98 has great mwdia player which supports many file gives you HSPDA ,EDGE ang Wi-Fi facilities. Read More!

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nokia N97 20GB phone will be your dream

have you heard about 20Gb phone? you may heard about a notebook but not a mobile phone. but now it is true. nokia made their latest phone which has 5 megapixel camera and 20GB internal is nokia n97. it has 3inch display 20X digital zoom and 2.4X optical can here nice music with 3D sound speakers.i saw is some websites it's display is touch screen but i dont know exactly. this phone is still not launched but it will be the next king of mobile phone world. Read More!

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nokia 6639 paparazzi phone is upcomming

i said this is a some kind of paparazzi phone because it's huge camera. actually still nokia haven't said more about this phone. but this will be a another revolution phone .i think this would be a dream come true.this phone has a 8.0-GHz Intel Pentium M processor, 512MB of DDR2 memory, 1024 x 768 display, Wi-Fi, and a 2.0-megapixel camera w/removable SLR lenses. but i dont know exactly the camera is 8Mp ,nokia havent said about it. but it may be 7 or 8Mp.The phone will support every video and audio format available to mankind and will display 16 million colors on the TFT screen. Obviously, this phone is made for the paparazzi because you can attach a huge SLR lens to the back-end and use the built-in email client to mail it to sources; thus a profit and you can buy another one.
another additional features are thermometer, needle guide, LED beam, and additional features for those who enjoy the outdoors Read More!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

LG U970 Shine stainless steel design

The U970 Shine is a 3G phone which comes in a luxurious stainless steel casing with a beautiful mirror effect screen. The U970 a member of the LG Black Label series which includes other fashion conscious handsets including the popular LG KE970 Shine, LG KG800 Chocolate & LG KE800 Chocolate Platinum. The U970 Shine comes with an easy to operate slide opening mechanism which slides open beautifully to reveal the phones keypad.

More features of u970
3G HSPDA Technology
Video Calling
Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+ & AAC++)
Tri Band Technology (GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
2.2 Inch QVGA 262k Colour Screen with Mirror Effect
2 Megapixel Camera with Schneider Kreuznach Lens Read More!

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Motorola Sidekick Slide

this phone is called Q700, or Zante, It's a cool smart phone with 3 inch Slide display.Actually this mobile phone is designed by motorolla but it's released ba T-mobile's large display supports 320x240 pixels and it is designed for easy email, instant messaging and internet has 128Mb internal memory and supports up to 4Gb memory cards.

More Features
Weight 150 g (including battery)
Dimensions 119.4 x 61 x 17.8 mm
Size 240 x 320 pixels
- QWERTY Keyboard
Numbers 2000
Outgoing Calls 10
Received Calls 10
Lost Calls 10
- microSD (TransFlash)
- 128 MB internal memory
- 225 MHz TI OMAP 850 processor
Camera Yes, 1.3 MP, 1280x960 pixels Read More!

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nokia 7900 Crystal Prism

Nokia ha a fashion phone concept. they have released many types of prism collection. this is a one of them. it has 2megapixel CMOS camera and quad-GSM bands.They matched this fashion phone with 2.2 inch display.The designer of these prism phones is Frédérique Daubal .This is a WCDMA 3G phone and it has 1Gb internal also supports up to 2gb mini SD cards.

More features
Network GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / GSM850 / UMTS
Introduced 2008 Q1
Status Coming soon
Form factor Block
Antenna Internal
Shared Memory 1 GB
GPRS Yes, Class 32, 107 kbps
Modem Yes, EDGE, Class 32, 296 kbps
3G Yes, 384 kbps
USB Yes, microUSB
Bluetooth Yes, 2.0
Browser Yes, WAP 2.0/xHTML
Email Client Yes Read More!

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nokia 5000 Latest phone

If you have seen my previous posts , i have posted about Nokia 5700. these two mobile phones are almost same appearance but they have some difference.This Nokia 5000 is a one of latest nokia mobile makes mobile phones targeting many users. this is a one of cheapest mobile phone but it has very useful options.It has a high-res QVGA display with a 1.3 megapixel camera. It has an MP3 player with recording functionality and FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, GPRS, and supports Nokia Xpress Audio Messaging

More about nokia 5000
Network GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / GSM850
Form factor Block
Antenna Internal

Weight 74 g (including battery)
Dimensions 106 x 46 x 11.1 mm
Type Graphical
Colours TFT, 65K colors
Size 240 x 320 pixels
- Downloadable wallpapers, screensavers Read More!

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toshiba G450 Amazing phone

In world's mobile phone industry, there is a big competition.This is a way which toshiba trying to face this competition.they have released surprisingly well specified Phone named G450.i think most of you cant recognize this as a mobile's look like a mp3 player.but it is a 3G powered mobile phone.G450 is very light phone just 57 grams.The biggest compromise is the display - the 0.8" 96 x 39 pixel panel is certainly never going to be any use for web browsing, but it should work just fine for basic handset operations and the multimedia player. The Toshiba G450 includes stereo wired headphones.It has two circular keyboard which has very difference.

more about toshiba G450
General Network GSM900 / GSM1800 / GSM1900 / HSDPA
Introduced - 2008 Q1
Form factor - Block
Antenna - Internal
Weight - 57 g (including battery)
Dimensions - 36 x 98 x 16 mm
Display Type -Graphical
Colours - No
Size 96 x 39 pixels
Memory - Shared Memory 160 MB
- Qualcomm MSM6280 processor
Ringtones - Polyphonic
- MP3
Networking - GPRS Yes, Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Modem - Yes, EDGE, Class 10, 236.8 kbps
3G - Yes, HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
USB - Yes, miniUSB
Features - Vibration Yes
SMS - Send / Receive
Games - Yes
Clock -Yes
Alarm -Yes
Calculator - Yes
T9- Yes
- MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ player
Standard Battery Type Li-Ion
Amperage 600 mAh
Standby Time 200 hours
Talk Time 2 hours 20 minutes Read More!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i-mate Ultimate 7150 Smart Phone

i-mate Ultimate 7150 Smart Phone is a upcoming pocket pc device from imate.This is a laptop type mobile phone but its display is also a touch has 530Mhz intel processor with direct TV output.2 Mp autofocus camera included for capture and vga camera for video can connect with internet by HSPA network.The Ultimate 7150 will be running Windows Mobile 6.0 and it has has two screens. One on the front, 2.2 OLED secondary display and one big 3.8 inch display located inside the device. Opposite the display there is a full QWERTY keyboard.

more features of i-mate Ultimate 7150 Smart Phone

Operating System: Windows Mobile® 6
Processor: Intel Bulverde 520MHz
Dimensions: 110mm x 74mm x 18mm
Network: Quad-Band GSM/EDGE
Tri-Band UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100 or
Memory: 256Mb ROM + 128Mb RAM
Display: 3.8" Primary Touchscreen Display 2.2" OLED Secondary Display , VGA 262K Color LCD Touch Screen
Connectivity: WiFi 802.11b/g/e/i
Bluetooth® v2.0 + EDR - up t 1.3 Mbps
Mini USB high speed - 480 Mbps
Direct Video Out XGA
Expansion Slot: Micro-SD card slot
Camera: 2.0 mega pixel camera
Battery: 1400mAh
Other: FM Stereo Radio

source Read More!

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Gigabyte g-Smart q60 Smart phone

Gigabyte is a famous brand name for motherboards but they are also playing major role about mobile phone manufacturing.the appearance of this phone is very similar to blackberry phones.this phone runs with windows mobile 5 has has a slim side profile typical of QWERTY smart phones without touchscreens.Many cellular wireless connectivity options are available on the q60. These include HSDPA, 3G and Wi-Fi. Aside from its 2.1-megapixel main camera, this handheld also features a front-facing VGA camera for making video calls.

More specifications

2G Network -GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network -HSDPA 2100
Size Dimensions 111 x 64 x 14 mm
Display Type -TFT touchscreen, 256K colors (65K effective)
Size 320 x 240 pixels, 2.5 inches
- QWERTY keyboard
Ringtones Type -Polyphonic (192 channels), MP3, MIDI
Customization Download
Memory Phonebook
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot microSD (TransFlash)
- 256MB ROM, 96MB RAM
- Intel XScale PXA270, 520MHz
Bluetooth v2.0
OS Microsoft Window Mobile 6 Professional
SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser -WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (IE)
Camera -2 MP, 1600x1200 pixels, autofocus, video, flash; secondary VGA videocall camera
- Pocket Office(Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
- Windows Media Player
- Java
- MP3/MPEG4 player
- Calendar
- Calculator
Battery-Standard battery, Li-Ion Read More!

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HTC Advantage X7500 New laptop Phone

What do you think? it is a PDA or a computer? you cant give exact answer huh!.i think this is a both.
The HTC Advantage runs Windows Mobile 6 Professional (the new name for Pocket PC Phone Edition). It has an Intel 624MHz processor that's still the king of speed on PDAs and phones, 128 megs of RAM and 256 megs of flash ROM. There's an 8 gig microdrive inside, a miniSD card slot that's SDHC compatible, a 5" transflective VGA display, 3 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus lens, full GPS, WiFi 802.11b/g and Bluetooth 2.0. The Advantage comes with a detachable QWERTY keyboard.Its keyboard design is unusual because you have to slide it and rotate it.then it becomes like a notebook.

More features of HTC Advantage X7500

2G Network -GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
3G Network -HSDPA 2100
HSDPA 850 / 1900 - US version
Dimensions 133 x 98 x 16 mm
Weight 359 g
Display Type - TFT touchscreen, 256K colors (65K effective)
Size 640 x 480 pixels, 5 inches
- QWERTY keyboard
- Handwriting recognition
Ringtones - Polyphonic, MP3
Customization Download, order now

- Dual speakers

Card slot miniSD,
- 128 MB RAM, 256 MB ROM
- 8 GB HDD drive
- Intel PXA270 624 MHz with ATI Graphic Chip W2284 processor

WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
OS -Microsoft Window Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PC Phone Edition
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML (PocketIE)
Colors Black
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels, autofocus, video, flash; secondary VGA videocall camera
- Built-in GPS navigator
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Voice memo
- Windows media player 10
- Video/audio album
- File manager
- Built-in handsfree
- TV out
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 2200 mAh
Stand-by Up to 300 h
Talk time Up to 5 h Read More!

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nec N908 Touch screen

this is a small credit card size touch screen phone. it has beautiful 2.2-inch touch screen interface, and its features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a camcorder, and an MP3 player. It has great audio quality and call performance as cant see any button in this phone,every thing is in touch screen like supports up to 2GB memory cards and it has 30mb internal memory.

More features

2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900
Dimensions 83.4 x 53.2 x 12.8 mm
Weight 84 g
Display Type TFT touchscreen, 256K colors
Size 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches
- Handwriting recognition
Ringtones Type Polyphonic (64 channels), MP3
Customization Download
Memory Phonebook
Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls
Card slot microSD (TransFlash), buy memory
- 31 MB shared memory
Data GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbps
Bluetooth v1.2
Messaging SMS, MMS, Email
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML
Colors Silver , Black
Camera 1.3 MP, 1280 x 1024 pixels, video
- Java MIDP 2.0
- Image editor
- MP3 player
- Stopwatch
- Unit/Currency converter
- Calculator
Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion
Stand-by Up to 100 h
Talk time Up to 3 h 20 min Read More!

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