Monday, April 28, 2008

Asus P750 latest smart phone

Most of the people in the world have heared about asus computers, but most of them don’t know about their mobile technology. Asus has lunched many types of mobile phones. This is their latest production. It has 240x320-pixel resolution touch screen. Instead of direction keys, it has a small joystick.
The P750 is powered by a 520MHz processor and runs Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. It's a tri-band GSM handset with GPRS/EDGE and 3G/HSDPA connectivity supporting download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps with suitable network coverage.
The device has 256MB of flash ROM and 64MB of SDRAM. After a hard reset, our review sample reported 147MB of free storage memory. This can be augmented with microSD cards. The P750 supports SDHC, which means it can handle high-capacity (>2GB) cards.

More futures of Asus P750

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
SiRFStar III GPS receiver
3G/HSDPA connectivity
256MB internal memory
Supports up to 2GB cards

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