Friday, March 28, 2008

Nokia 5700

Diverse, daring, and confident- the Nokia 5700 ! With its fascinating interplay of leather-inspired materials, elegantly etched metal, and transparent surfaces, the Nokia 5700 phone is designed to be noticed. Naturally stylish, this tri-band phone has an integrated with 5 megapixel camera and video recorder to complement your sense of style with its beauty and poise.
The Nokia 5700 has an integrated FM radio which is simple to use with a few search options just like a normal radio
Just like a Walkie talkie, Nokia 5700 features Push-to-talk Over Cellular - a new technical introduction which will allow groups of mobile phone users to communicate with each other simply by pushing a button and speaking. It's ideal for groups of friends or certain business applications to communicate with more than one person simultaneously
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