Friday, March 14, 2008

Motorola Rokr

Rokr E1
It’s been a long time coming, but
Apple, Motorola, and Cingular have
fi nally produced the iPod phone
that prognosticators, clairvoyants,
and kooks have been anticipating
for months. There’s a lot of good
and a little bad with this phone: It
has a VGA camera, it’s got the iPod
interface you know and love, it
integrates with iTunes, and it holds
up to 100 songs. On the downside,
it holds only 100 songs: While Moto
could have gone with SD, allowing
you to store 2GB or more, the Rokr
uses a 512MB microSD card — and
the software limits the number of
songs to 100, even if they don’t
take up the full capacity of the card.
Calling all hackers!
CONTRACT; www.motorola

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