Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The Juke is a swivel-design mobile phone that you have to flick open 180 degrees to reveal the keypad. Available in s teeny-tiny form factor, the phone features 2GB of internal storage (fancy term for saying there is no support for additional storage). Verizon calls it a fashion-forward fancy phone , and the Juke, true to its name, handles MP3, WMA and unprotected AAC files.
Available in black and pink, the Venus features dual front screens, with the lower portion offering touch input with vibration feedback, designed for quick access to the phone's features. The Venus is also music-centric and comes in a slider design. With support for microSD memory cards up to 8GB, this is a decent phone compatible with Verizon's Get It Now downloadable applications and V Cast Video and Music.

Venus can handle MP3/WMA/AAC files and comes with a 2 megapixel camera; it can record video as well.

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