Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sony ericsson W910i music phone

if you know about sony ericsson you must know about W-series. This W910i is the latest member of walkmen family. This phone is designed for music as it’s name. you can see it has simple design and there are some music controls in its face. This phone is bit lager than other similar phones because this has large display. This is a slider type phone. I saw some special things in this phone when comparing other recent phones. The menu system of this phones is very simple and user friendly. Also the media menu has updated to graphical way. It is very similar to sony ericsson PSP phones. Oh .. this phone has another very special function like the iphone .it is called an onboard accelerometer so it senses which way you turn it. This has been linked into the Walkman music player, so when you switch the phone from portrait to landscape, the display follows suit. Also, if you hold down the Walkman button at the top of the phone and flick it to the right or left, it'll skip forward or back through your tunes. This W910i supports HSDPA for high speed data downloads and also has twin cameras for video calling. One camera is VGA and other one is also this phone comes with 1GB micro SD card.

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