Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nokia 3110 environment phone

The latest trend of the world is manufacturing environmentally friendly things. Now the major mobile phone manufactures are trying to manufacture environmental friendly mobile phones. Nokia new 3110 is now available and it’s a recyclable phone. The phone comes with bio covers which are made from more than fifty percent renewable materials also the phone's packaging uses sixty percent recycled materials. The 3110 Evolve comes with an AC8 charger which is more energy efficient than regular mobile phone batteries as it minimises the energy consumption if the user forgets to unplug their charger. The 3110 Evolve is a simple classic bar type handset which comes with all the main features a mobile phone user would desire in their day to day usage. This cheap phone has 1.3Mp camera FM radio and Bluetooth

More features of Nokia 3110

Bio Covers & Recycled Packaging
Energy Efficient AC8 Battery Charger
Bluetooth™ Technology
1.3 Megapixel Camera with 8 x Digital Zoom
Stereo FM Radio

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