Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nokia 7900 Prism fashion mobile design

Nowadays number of famous mobile phone manufacturers has launched fashion mobile phones. There is key concept going through all components in these mobile phones. Nokia’s fashion concepts are most famous. Nokia 888 is a strap fashion phone which has not launched yet. Nokia Morph is a also fashion phone. In these fashion categories, The Prism concept is important. It is one of lathing designer’s concept and they have launched many phones. The most recent one is Nokia 7900 Prism which has many key fetures.
The Nokia 7900 Prism has been designed to be noticed. This beautiful handset is a style & fashion focused 3G phone which will gain attention on looks as well as its useable built in features. The looks of the phone will cause a stir with its stylish diamond patterns cut into the aluminum casing & the attractive diamond cut keypad. The overall size of the handset is good which makes the 7900 Prism easy to carry & use at all times. The casing is 112mm high by 45mm wide by 11mm deep which provides the user with a slim mobile handset. The 7900 Prism weighs a total of 101 grams which is a good weight for the user to carry. This style focus phone comes with an amazing light effect feature which allows the user customise their new phone with forty nine different colours.
And also this is the first Prism mobile phone which has 3G. They have launched 7900 as a music phone. According that it has 1 GB internal memory and Great music player.

More features of Nokia 7900 Prism

2 Inch 16.7 Million Colour OLED Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
Light Effects (49 Different Colours)
2 Megapixel Camera with Flash Mode
8 x Digital Zoom
Stereo Music Player
1 Gbyte Memory
3G Technology

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