Monday, July 21, 2008

Talby, the new mobile phone (AU design project )

The 'au' design project by KDDI and Okinawa Cellular gives free range to designers to create innovative and radically new mobile phones. "talby", to be launched in early December 2004 , is from product designer Marc Newson and his corporation.
"talby" boasts an ultra-flat, ultra-slim design achieved with an internal antenna allowing users to slip the phone easily into pockets. The phone comes with an original strap attaching to the phone through a large strap hole so that the user can carry "talby" around the neck as a fashion accessory.
The handsets have a base color of silver, and are accented in "Hornet Green" *1, "Orange Orange"*1, or "Hole Black" *1.

more features of Talby

* Size Approximately 45 (W) x 132 (H) x 13 (D) mm
* Weight (with batteries) Approximately 79g
* Continuous talk time Approximately 190 minutes
* Continuous standby time Approximately 250 hours
* Battery charge time Approximately 110 minutes
* Color variations Hornet Green, Orange Orange, Hole Black
* Display size, capacity Approximately 2.1 inches (main), TFT 260,000 colors
* Dots density of image (horizontal) 240 x (vertical) 320
* Camera 330,000 active pixels; CMOS camera
* Data folder capacity Approximately 8 MB (or 1,000 folders)
* BREW data folder capacity Approximately 3MB
* Email outbox capacity Approximately 100KB (or 200 messages)
* Email inbox capacity Approximately 250KB (or 500 messages)
* Data entry interface ATOK + APOT* $B#1 (B
* Polyphony ring-tones Maximum 64 chords

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ankur said...

I dont know if market will accept this phone . But i ams ure it will find its niche market . bunk beds

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