Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nokia 3250 (thunder) the twistable phone

The Nokia 3250 (code-named Thunder) is a cellular phone which features a unique 'twist' design that transforms the traditional phone keypad into a camera and dedicated music control keys. It can store up to 2 Gigabytes of music (500 songs) and other data thanks to a microSD memory card slot, and features a two-megapixel camera and Smartphone capabilities. It uses the S60 (3rd Edition) user interface and the Symbian OS 9.1 operating system.
Nokia 3250 is not a newest phone but still it is famous. This is not a 3G phone but can get better internet experience with EDGE technology. The camera is 2Mp and it is enough for clear capturing. The video recording is very special because it allows to record MPEG4 format videos.

More features of Nokia 3250

Twist: 3 twists for 3 modes of operation
Optimized, easy to use music player: Music collection management and playlist editing in device
Stereo FM Radio playback including Visual Radio functionality
Tutorial Application
Sound Meter application
Picture editor
Movie maker
Audio setting include different equalizer settings, Stereo Widening and Bass Boost

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