Friday, October 3, 2008

Samsung G810 latest phone with 5.0Mp camera and Symbian OS

IF you familiar with samsung phones, you may know about their cameras. actually samsung phone cameras and displays are the best. this is a one example. this samsung G810 phone has 5.0 Mp 3X optical zooming camera and its the best one when comparing N95's camera. this phone is very similar to N95 in design and OS. but it has many specifications.

phone specifications

* S60 v.9.2 3rd edition OS with Feature Pack 1
* 5MP camera (3x optical zoom and Xenon flash)
* Bluetooth
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* microSD slot
* Music player, RealPlayer, FM Radio
* 110MB RAM (80MB free after boot)
* 150MB of on-board memory
* Built-in GPS receiver
* Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity
* TV-Out and 3.5mm audio jack
* 2.6” TFT display
The battery on the G810 performed better than that on the N95, even though their average talk times and standby times are very similar (on average, 5 hours talk time, and around 295 hours of Standby). The battery performed well for occasional use (calls, text messages and music player), lasting about 3 days before needing a charge, though heavy users would properly run the battery down in a day and a half.

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