Monday, November 17, 2008

New operamini 4.2 free mobile web browser

since bestnewphones is a mobile phone blog, i thought to post about one of my famous mobile phone application. i think it may be the most popular free mobile phone application.
if you have experience with opera mini, you may feel it is faster than your default mobile phone browser. also it has another great quality ,that is it can decrease image quality and allows fast browsing.
in previous version (opera mini 4.1) mainly they have introduced two new features. one is web page saving feature. you can save your web pages in your phone memory and open with opera mini browser. second one is the searching function. like internet explorer or firefox, you can search specific word in a web page and highlight it.
now lets lockat this new version.
the main disadvantage in opera mini was, you cant watch streaming videos like youtube in previous versions. but the new beta version allows you this feature.
also file downloading feature has improved in new opera mini.
you can customize the skin in this new operamini version.also it allows you to synchronize your notes

this is the official download link

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Chris said...

Hi Gammoth,

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