Monday, December 29, 2008

Nokia 6212 -The Newest Nokia "Near Field Communication" phone

Nokia 6212 is another newest 3G phone but it is mot very expensive. but this phone is very special one because it has a special feature. that is "Near Field Communication(NFC)". you may never heard this word before because there are very few NFC enabled models. so this is the latest NFC nokia phone.
ok, lets take a look at what is this NFC feature.The NFC allows users to make connections with other NFC-enabled devices by 'tapping' the devices together. Over short distances two NFC-enabled devices, say a phone and a headset, will pair faster than with existing Bluetooth protocols. So, for instance, if you hold the 6212 and a NFC-enabled Bluetooth device, such as Nokia's BH-210 headset, close together they will pair instantly. NFC can also be used to share content between the 6212 and other compatible handsets.

All features
- 2MP camera
- Nokia Xpress Audio messaging
- Push to talk
- Java MIDP 2.0
- FM stereo radio
- Visual radio
- MP3/MPEG4 player
- Voice memo
- Built-in handsfree
- Calendar
- To-do list
- Notes
- Alarm clock
- Stop watch
- Countdown timer
- Calculator
- Converter II
- World Clock II
- Active standby screen

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