Monday, January 5, 2009

New sharp Advanced/W-Zero3 Smart phone

Sharp is not a well famous brand in mobile phone industry because like many other japan mobile phone manufacturers, they target japan market. any how this is the latest Sharp mobile phone which has a windows mobile phone OS.
the Advanced/W-Zero3 looks like a typical candybar phone when closed, and has a slide open QWERTY keyboard that turns it into a complete smartphone. However, although this design itself isn't new, most other similarly-designed smartphones have the screen run the entire length of the phone. Sharp, by contrast, have opted to squeeze the screen into two thirds of the phone's length, keeping the keypad to the left (or bottom, depending on the phone's orientation).
The result is an odd-looking phone and a screen that, despite its huge 3" and WVGA (800x480) resolution, seems oddly cramped. It's probably due to people being used to seeing a screen run the full length of a keyboard, but the result looks like typing through a letter box!

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