Friday, January 16, 2009

Nokia 8600 Luna fashion phone

Nokia 8600 is bit older version but it's still popular. it has very attractive slider design. the rounded corners feels very easy to use. Nokia 8600 is a 2G phone and you can connect to the Internet via EDGE.
unlike many other phones, Luna 8600 has stainless steel body. also it has removable covers. Nokia 8600 supports micro USB. it has 128Mb internal memory and supports up to 8GB SD memory cards. also you can use this phone as a external storage. it can just connect to PC and you don't want to install any drivers.
Nokia 8600 has 2Mp camera. it supports 1200x1600 maximum image resolution and supports 15fps video recording. Luna 8600 has common nokia features such as currency converter and calculator. also a FM radio with RDS has included.

All features

- Stainless steel body
- Smoked glass sliding cover
- FM radio
- Java MIDP 2.0
- MP3/AAC/AAC+ player
- T9
- Calendar
- Calculator
- Currency converter
- Built-in handsfree

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