Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Samsung Highnote M360 music phone with 16Gb memory

There are lot of mobile phones for music lovers such as Nokia XpressMusic and Sony Ericsson Walkman series phones. but all of them are mobile phones. in addition, they have included music player. but our tpoic phone is actually not Mobile phone. it's a complete music player. in addition, they have included a mobile phone to it.
Samsung M360 comes with Sprint connection. since it's a music player, it has 16GB internal memory. also there is a front circular control for choose musics easily. the keypad has slider mechanism. Samsung M360 has 2Mp digital camera. also it has built-in GPS receiver. as another great feature, they have included Sprint TV feature. you can watch Sprint TV with live and on-demand programming including Sprint Exclusive Entertainment (SEE), a made-for-mobile sports and entertainment video programming network.

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