Thursday, January 8, 2009

World's first Projector phone from Logic Bolt

Logic Bolt is a new mobile company. but recently they have announced about their projector phone. this is the first version of this phone and they going to manufacture limited number of phones. but large number of productions will come with it's next version.
OK, lets look at what is this phone and about its features. the projecting part has located at the top of the phone. it can cast images with 36" to 64"+. the projector will heat up while working, therefore there are some cooling holes has located. this phone is not only a projector phone. it has a built-in GPS receiver which supports A-GPS feature. also it has a touch screen. the menu interface is very similar to i-phone's interface.
if a projector is valuable, it may connect many types of devices. Logic Bolt has given a good solution for this. this phone can connect to a laptop, TV and XBoX even through the Wi-Fi.
it has 3 Mega Pixel camera with flash. also it allows video conferencing while projector is running. everything is together, that is the beauty of this phone.

All features

*Built-in projector that casts images 36“ to 64”+
*Touch Screen
*GSM Quad Band
*3 Mega Pixel Camera
*Bluetooth, GPS, Internet
*PowerPoint, Excel, Word
*Connects with Laptop USB, TV, XBox
*Dual: CDMA + GSM Quad Band
*Live Video Conferencing while projecting
*4 Times Brighter Projection with Brightness Adjustment
*Larger touch screen with slide keyboard

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