Tuesday, February 3, 2009

nokia 6700 super gadget phone wii arrive middle of 2009

Nokia has announced another new phone. that is nokia 6700 phone which has stylish design and attractive features.
Nokia 6700 is very similar to N95 in features. but it is cheaper than N95. mainly 6700 is a 5Mp camera phone. and it has A-GPS receiver. ther camera has mechanical shutter and you can get very clear and quality pictures. also nokia has developed it's auto focusing mechanism. the maximum picture resolution is 2592x1944 pixels.
Nokia 6700 has rounded corners and metalic design. it will be available in silver, and black colours.
6700 supports three band HSDPA networks. it has 170Mb internal memory and it will be available with 1GB external memory card. you can extend the external memory up to 8GB. Nokia 6700 has mini USB port which aloows you to transfer files very easily.

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