Monday, February 9, 2009

Samsung Glyde (U940) phone with 3D sound and V-Cast TV

Samsung Glyde is not very newest phone, it launched on middle of year 2008. however this is a very special and featured phone. mainly Samsung U940 has 2.8 inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keypad. the keypad has slider mechanism and when it closed, the phone goes to full face touchscreen.
Samsung Glyde comes with Verizon connection.they have included very special feature, that is Verizon V-Cast mobile TV and Radio. you can enjoy your favorite movies, sports and musics with Samsung Glyde.
also it has 2.0Mp degital camera with flash. it supports 15fps video recording.

all features

Full high-resolution touch screen that reacts in a tactile way in response to the touch of a finger

Built-in QWERTY keyboard to type messages with ease

Surf the web using the full HTML browser, even bookmarking favorite sites

Take pictures or video with the auto-focus 2.0-megapixel camera and camcorder

VCAST Video service to download and view video on this multimedia capable phone, and VCAST Music capable to download and play music, ringtones and more

Supports the following Bluetooth profiles for handsfree functionality: mono headset, stereo headset, handsfree, serial port, dial-up networking, object push for vCard only and more

MicroSD external memory port to store pictures, videos, sounds and music (Up to 8 GB)

Optional Location Based Services such as VZ Navigator

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Anonymous said...
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Mark said...

I love my Glyde.
Seems as recently, it's getting a good reputation again.
My works great.

I wished there were a better online community of Glyde users/supporters who want to share ideas rather than the angry ones who got the first ones.

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