Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sony Ericsson W395 newest Sony Ericsson Music phone

The Walkman Series of sony ericsson is very popular, in 2009 march they launched their newest phone W395. there are many special things to say about this phone, first lets consider about the design.
W395 comes with Dusky Grey and Blush Titanium colours. the design mixed with orange colour. the keypad has slider mechanism and they have placed music keys at the top to easily handle music.
Sony Ericsson W395 is a 2G phone and you can't get video calls or HSDPA internet. it has 2 inch TFT colour display and it's Scratch-resistant. the internal memory is 10Mb but it comes with 1GB memory card. it supports up to 4GB memory cards.
W395 has 2.0Mp camera which allows 15fps video recording. the media player has Track Id music recognition feature and high quality Equalizer. it has new game set named motion games. Motion gaming lets users control the gameplay by moving the phone in different directions.

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