Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nokia 5330 newest mobile phone with DVB TV feature

Nokia 5330 is one of a newest mobile phone of Nokia. it's a low price mobile phone but has many necessary features. Nokia 5330 is a 3G phone but it supports UTMS only. so the internet speed is up to 384kbp/s. but it's a very good music phone which has dedicated music keys and very good music quality.
another thing is this phone comes with a 2GB memory card. it also supports up to 16GB memory cards and the internal memory is 70MB. Nokia 5330 has bluetooth but wi-fi is not available. the main camera of this phone is 3.15MP, which is clear enough to get a quality picture. also it's video quality is pretty good. even this is somewhat cheap phone, it has a GPS receiver with Nokia Maps. also Nokia 5330 has a special feature as my title says, that is it can catch DVB TV broadcasts. this feature is very useful if you are in a DVB TV enabled country.

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