Sunday, July 4, 2010

Samsung Smiley a cool name for a cool new mobile phone :)

Smiley is a great name for a mobile phone, specially for a this kind of phone. this is a simple and very smart phone and because of this, it will bring you a smile!. also when you open it's slider QWERTY keypad, the phone looks like a smiling face. so no objection for this name.
as i told at the beginning, Samsung Smiley is not a high end phone but not a primitive phone either. according to it's features this phone will be cheap one. it has a 240 x 320 pixels TFT display and a full QWERTY keypad as well. because of that this phone will brings you a smile if you are a text lover. the internal memory of this phone is just 50MB but it supports up to 16GB memory cards. Samsung Smiley is a 3G phone and it support UTMS only. also this phone doesn't have wi-fi. the main camera of this phone is 1.3MP. but unlike many other phones it does have A-GPS integrated with google maps. Samsung Smiley comes with T-Mobile.

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