Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The CDMA version of Apple iphone 4 comes with white

Apple launched the GSM version of iphone 4 last year, but as i feel this phone faced lots of problems and it was not popular as they expected. iphone 4 also had many technical issues. but the main reason for less popularity of iphone 4 is android phones. when comparing to android, iphone has lots of restrictions. so now it's becoming less popular.
at the launch of iphone 4, apple never mentioned about a CDMA version of iphone 4 because they never expected that. but after releasing super phones like Galaxy S for GSM and and Droid X for CDMA, apple realized that they can't win the race. so they thought to get into the CDMA market to attract some customers. according to me, that's the story of iphone 4 CDMA.
as i feel, the biggest mistake that apple done was they implemented many restrictions to iOS/iphone. at the time when iphone 3g released, there were lots of cheap mobile phone which had 5MP camera. but they included a 2Mp camera. also the restrictions of itunes is a really pain for many of users. another thing is apple always hates hackers. but google is not, they are hacker friendly. apple does everything to avoid jailbreaks and other hacking stuff. but google gives every help to hackers to develop a better os. because of that iphone is not the mobile phone king anymore.
any way, about this CDMA iphone 4, nothing new. it has same features of att iphone 4. the CDMA version of iphone 4 comes with a Verizon contact. also rumors says that they will release the white iphone 4 as a CDMA version.

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